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Just a few of my favorite shots from South Africa.

Another peek into my adventures of Summer 2017

Why Kruger National Park is better than Etosha National Park

Cape Town is a city that expands far beyond its confined area of concrete buildings and paved roads. I often feel trapped in cities, but this one is different. Cape Town has its own pulse and heartbeat, its own history and voice. From the music that echoes throughout the V&A Waterfront, to the crazy nights on Long Street, to the personalities in Langa Township, there is never a dull moment awaiting you…. Read More

I like to call Satara the land of everything. As the second largest lodge in the park, I had my doubts, thinking there would be so many people around that the animals would be scared off. In fact, the exact opposite occurred. I learned that animals don’t see people within the cars, they simply see the car as one single moving object. For the exact reason that there are so many people… Read More

I really had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this whole safari thing. Our first pit stop for two nights was Berg-en-dal, one of the southernmost camps inside of Kruger National Park. The gates to each camp has a strict opening and closing time policy for the safety of visitors, just in case a lion wanted a midnight snack. With that in mind, we were up… Read More

  After a semester of taking an extra class at college and working with my dad around the clock when I got home, my passport was convulsing its way out of my bag. The time to leave could not come soon enough. We whirled around the house like that tornado character from the Looney Toons, fixing and cleaning and moving things to get out in time to make our flight. Before my… Read More