A Summer Weekend in Cornwall

I never thought that England could be a place for water activities, but boy was I wrong. With a wetsuit handy, or some courage of steel, Cornwall has loads to offer.

This past weekend was spent surfing, paddleboarding, and camping. Not to mention, eating of course! Two days isn’t nearly enough to see everything that Cornwall has to offer, but here is a quick peak of a few highlighted places.

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alleyway in bristol at night
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6 Nights in Bristol

I decided to call this 6 Nights in Bristol because after all of the traveling, trying to count how many full days I was there is kind of a struggle. Half a day Wednesday and half a day Tuesday, does that count as one full day or two? Should I count the minute I got to the airport in Heathrow or not until I got off the bus in Bristol?

ANYWAY, 6 nights, 7 or 8 days in Bristol, whatever you want to call it, and I still wish I had more time.

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On Bristol, Health, and Travel

I’ve come to realize that I have a love-hate relationship with Bristol. I love her, but she hates me. Sam tells me that Bristol hates everyone, so at least she doesn’t discriminate.

It all started well enough. Wednesday we went out for sports night which was a doozy, with lots of dancing and happy-blurry memories. Unfortunately, I soon came to realize that my left ear still hadn’t relieved itself of the intense pressure from being on the plane. What started out as a dull ache on Wednesday had become both painful and deafening by Friday. Since then I haven’t heard a single thing out of my left ear. 

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standing at a doorway in bristol
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…And so It Begins, Bristol

After an hour’s drive to the airport, a seven hour flight, and a three hour bus ride, I finally made it to Bristol! Needless to say, I’m very happy to be taking up the English way of walking everywhere because I think I’ve forgotten how to use my legs after so much sitting.

Sammy has an extensive week meticulously planned out for me, so I needed all of the extra sleep I could get on the bus and plane. Today, frisbee practice right off the bus. It became clear very quickly that I have no hand-eye coordination and should stick to soccer. As for tonight, a warm homemade dinner from Sainsbury’s before Sam shows me how the frisbee team does a night out. 

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packed suitcase with passport
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How to Pack for England in November

After my slow and grueling countdown, it’s almost here! In less than 48 hours I’ll be on my way across the Atlantic Ocean and heading back to my second home, England. The days have felt like weeks and the weeks have felt like months, but it’s finally here and knocking on the door.

You would think that with all of this excitement building up I would’ve had my bags packed weeks ago. As a college student, I can tell you that is certainly not the case. Procrastination is a lifestyle. But we college students thrive under pressure.

So, how the heck am I supposed to know what to wear when the weather is unpredictably wet and simultaneously chilly? The key here for my fellow travellers is just one very important tip: pack light. Not only because it means you’ll have more room to bring chocolate and other goodies back, but I’ve realized that you can get whatever you’re missing when you land. And England is home to the cousin of the thrift store: charity shops. Charity shops carry all kinds of spunky, cool clothes for a bargain of a price. Plus, like the name implies, the money goes towards charity. It’s a win-win all around, so go ahead and splurge!

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Traveler packing his suitcase before leaving
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Counting Down the Days until England

Just a quick life update! In less than three weeks, I’ll be flying out to visit my sister in Bristol, England. Since Sam began college there two years ago, she’s been pestering me to stay with her almost every day since. She’s told me over and over, “Once you see what life is like here, you’ll never want to go home.”

I finally gave in, not that I was hard to convince. After a few crazy weeks of midterms, and the extreme struggle of booking with Air India, these next few weeks are going to creep by painfully and slowly. I’m more than ready to head back to my second home, the beautiful country where my parents grew up. I know I should be excited to see the lush green country side, but I really can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the chocolate. I may gain a good five pounds before my return, and even that’s on the low side.

For now, I’ll be daydreaming in class and counting down the days until November 20 is here.