Snapshot: Sydney Flyby

It has been the craziest few days of what feels like nonstop flights: Newark to San Fran, San Fran to Sydney, Sydney to Christchurch. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, we took a two day stop in Sydney before continuing on to Christchurch. It simultaneously feels like a lifetime ago and yesterday. The altitude has definitely done a number on my brain cells’ ability to keep track of the days.

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A Girl, Her Dog, and a Beach Sunset

At long last, it was finally time for me to hobble home for fall break after the first half of the semester had stripped away all my energy and motivation. Being that my home is in the cozy beach town of Cape May, I figured what better way to recoop than to go for a sunset walk on the beach with my pup? I grabbed my camera and we scurried down to the sea. Continue reading “A Girl, Her Dog, and a Beach Sunset”

back door of Alta Acqua

Alta Acqua – Hidden Gem of Venice

If you’re a book fiend like I am, then you need to visit this hidden gem in Venice, Italy. Nestled within the winding alleyways is a beautiful store where gondolas are filled to the brim with books, and there’s a staircase in the back with books stacked so high with you can literally walk up it. Off the beaten tourist track, the Alta Acqua is hands down my singular favorite spot in Venice. Continue reading “Alta Acqua – Hidden Gem of Venice”


Summer in Cape May

This summer in Cape May might be one of my last. Senior year of college has begun, and the possibilities for adventure, success, and learning are only just starting to reveal themselves on the distant horizon. Seeing that time whizzes past me faster and faster every year, I wanted to make sure this summer was not one that I would forget, using my camera to freeze frame my favorite moments, so they might stay with me just a while longer.

A perfectly still night at the Cape May Marina.

One of the best things about Cape May is that it sits in its own bubble. When you watch the sun slipping out of view as it melts into the ocean, hearing the sound of the waves lightly lap the shore like it’s been doing for millions of years, you forget the rush that life has entangled us in. The noisy city you come from or the homework you have due eases into the background as the salt erodes our stress-hardened edges. The ocean will always be a deeply healing place for me.

Crashing waves at The Point.

Sometimes our happiest moments are the ones we weren’t planning: going to the beach in-between a double, exploring a dock, just taking it all in. These spontaneous moments are some of my favorites.

Wherever my career and wanderlust may take me, Cape May will always be my true home. With the sound of the ocean waiting on the other side of my window, the salt breeze to kiss my skin, and a town filled with lessons and memories that have shaped me into who I am, it’s hard to forget a place like Cape May.



A Winter Wonderland

I’ve never really been a fan of snow. It’s cold and messy and makes me want to sulk in my cave of movies and junk food, but the bewildering snowfall in the past few days enchanted me to leave my miniature hibernation. I went to bed in sleepy old Cape May, and woke up the next day in a snow globe: everything coated with a heavy white blanket. While I was a day or two late getting to the sunken ship (pictured below), the frozen floor of ice presented a spectacle I hadn’t seen since I was a child, if even then. It was so dense that people were actually walking out on to it, and the fact that anyone at all actually got outside for a sunset in the winter spoke for itself.


Reporting as a news anchor with a bottle of beer instead of a microphone, this guy seemed to be having a grand old time.

At first glance, the frozen plain of ice seemed like terrain from another planet. So I decided, why not have a little fun with editing my pictures? Kids turn into astronauts, and snow turns into Saturn.