Welcome to my blog and all of the quirky, entertaining experiences that come with it. I originally started up this website as a way to keep all of my writing and work in one place, but now I hope to share some of my stories as I travel around the world.

I’m procrastinating this whole ‘adulting’ thing by taking a few months off after graduating college to venture to far flung lands. My parents are from England and have been pushing me to explore since I was old enough to walk, so it only seems like a natural step to take my turn at being a travel nomad.

Australia, New Zealand, India, and Southeast Asia are all on the list. Who knows, there might be a few more detours. I’ll be solo backpacking (yikes, we’ll see how that goes) so there certainly won’t be a shortage of stories to tell.

I’m a nature lover, idea generator, both a wandering and a wondering soul, a little things enthusiast, and a storyteller. I hope to share my adventures with you and bring them to this little corner of the internet.

Me now